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My name is Pia Banach and I live with my three labradors in the Ruhr Festival City of Recklinghausen. Due to the very central location to forests, arable land and lakes, I have the best conditions for living with my dogs.
I already loved the Labrador Retriever since the age of 7, when our first family dog, who was trained in hunting, moved in. From then on, my passion for the  breed developed more and more, so my own breeding became a "life dream".

After a few years, I wanted to make my dream come true. On November 14th, 2016 my first bitch from the famous kennel “A Sense of Pleasure” aka "Ella" moved in. For me she is an absolute dream dog, as I have always imagined my bitch to be. In February 2017 we went  together to Obernkirchen for our first exhibition, on which Ella was awarded a very promising and a  2nd place in baby class. Further successful exhibitions at home and abroad followed.

After a while , at the beginning of March 2018, "Sun" moved in  from the Dutch kennel "Road of Princes". She too has already successfully smelled the first exhibition air.

After the necessary documents for a breeding license were completed, I made the decision to start breeding  Ella.




















The goal of my breeding consists of these  three elements:

      Healthy, lovely temperatures and good looking labradors 

My dogs and puppies  live with me in a three-generation household and have constant access to our house and garden. 


​​Why the name "Balardor"?
The search for a kennel name,  suitable for me , was very difficult for various reasons. I wanted a name that describes my relationship to the Labrador breed. So after long deliberation I decided on the name "Balardor".
The two syllables "BA" are the first two of my last name "Banach",  the second  syllable "LA" of the dog breed "Labrador" and the third syllable "DOR" mean "d'or (French) = gold piece" because  Labradors enrich my life so very much.

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Further Education:

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